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Casino to avoid - Rogue Casinos - Online Casinos Blacklisted

Reasons of inclusion in blacklist

Many of the casinos was included in our blacklist was for reasons that included:

  • Random games are not coherent with the results of the game. All casinos should offer a honest game as proof by the fact that the dice or cards observed fall in line with the arithmetical standards. If a casino is found not to be fair they will be moved to the blacklist and not be removed until the matter is settled and restitution is paid to the played that had been victimized as a way of apology.
  • If the rule of the casino is not honored. If a casino denies a player a bonus or removes funds from the players account even after the player has met the terms of the bonus that was offered. A player funds should not be seized unless serious fraud has been proven.
  • If the player’s e-mail address was passed onto spammers by way of the casino.
  • If a play receives spam or has sales calls from people with whom had no relationship to the casino.
  • The casino breaks the fair gaming seal by committing fraud.
  • Inquires about a players dispute is not responded upon by the casino.

The current online casinos blacklist